Various thoughts about today’s James Comey hearing

  • It’s hard to decide who the biggest loser was today. Was it #fakenews? The Democrat Party? The Obama administration (Loretta Lynch especially)? Or was it James Comey himself? Tough one.
  • We learned many things today, none of which were about Donald Trump. He is not and never has been a target in the Russian collusion investigation. We already knew that. He never attempted to interfere with or impede any FBI investigation. We already knew that, too. All accusations against President Trump were purely products of #fakenews. We’ve always known that.
  • James Comey is a wuss. The man is 6’8″ and used to be the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation — the position once held by a man named J. Edgar Hoover (who was scared of no one), yet Comey was afraid to be in the same room alone with a 70-year-old man? He might be the tallest beta male in Washington.
  • So much for the FBI director being “above politics.” James Comey revealed himself to be a partisan hack, just like so many poeople in Washington and in #fakenews.
  • If there was any obstruction of justice — and there very well may have been — it was committed by at least one member of the Obama administration. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who met with Bill Clinton on a tarmac right before the 2016 election to talk about the “grandkids,” instructed James Comey, who was then the director of the FBI, to refer to his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server as a “matter” and not an investigation. Who knows what else might have gone on during that time?
  • Here’s the real kicker as far as I’m concerned. James Comey admitted today that he shared a memorandum regarding a meeting he had with President Trump to a friend to leak to the media in order to instigate a special counsel investigation. (The friend turned out to be Columbia law professor Daniel Richman.) This angers me more than anything else today. Again, James Comey is no more than a political hack and had no business running the FBI. He doesn’t have the character for that kind of responsibility.
  • My only criticism of Donald Trump is that it took him so long to fire James Comey.
  • #fakenews is going to keep producing #fakenews. The fake narrative of Russian collusion is dead. They’ll create another fake meme or amend the current one to run with. They are too deep into their fantasy world to turn back now.
  • A few Democrats here and there will probably keep muttering something about impeachment even though President Trump has committed no impeachable offenses. The obstruction of justice charge is dead. They’ll fabricate another one. They have to. They have convinced their lunatic, raving mad supporters that an impeachment is forthcoming. Imagine what would happen if their had to tell these deranged Trump haters that it was all a ruse? Like #fakenews, Democrats are in so deep they can’t turn back now.
  • James Comey may need a lawyer.
  • The great irony here is that everything Donald Trump has been accused of are things Democrats are actually guilty of themselves. It is the ultimate sort of projection by a political party and its propaganda apparatchiks that are already famous for projection (accusing others of what you yourself are guilty of).
  • Political junkies in Washington crowded into bars to watch the Comey hearing as though it were game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals. So they got to watch their team get routed and humiliated.
  • It was funny watching #fakenews and Democrats work themselves into lather over what they just knew was going to be the smoking gun on Donald Trump they have all been salivating over. Those of us who live in Realville and pay no attention to #fakenews knew they were setting themselves up for long, hard fall. Indeed, the smoking gun never materialized. There wasn’t even so much as a squirt from a water gun. It was, as the cliche goes, a big, fat nothing burger. Democrat Senator Mark Warner wanted so badly to get the goods on Donald Trump. His facial expression at the end of the day speaks for all of those on the left who saw the Comey hearing blow up in their faces. This is the expression of a loser.


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