Defining the generations (a remedial blog post)

Yesterday, I learned that Generation Y and Milennials are the same thing. Since I’m typically the last person to find out anything, you probably already knew this before me. I have heard the term Gen Y used to describe the generation after mine for much longer than the term Milennials, so I assumed that Milennials were pretty much the current crop of high school and college students, with Gen Y wedged between Generation X — my generation — and Milennials. But Gen Y and Milennials are both used to describe the same group, generally those born from about 1982-2000.

So that leaves Milennials as the generation directly following Generation X. As I read into the definitions of generations, there is obviously some ambiguity and disagreement among demographers regarding the beginning and ending dates of each group. Generation X, for example, consists of those born between the early to mid 1960’s and the early 1980’s. Let’s use 1965-1981 here. The Baby Boomers, which preceded my generation, pick up during or right after World War II, with birth years ranging from about 1943-1964.

According to Wikipedia, generations prior to the Baby Boomers are as follows:

Silent Generation: 1925-1942

Greatest Generation: 1901-1924

Lost Generation: 1883-1900


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