Short bursts (Sunday musings)

Republicans are apparently the only ones who have to follow the law anymore.

Truth is the worst thing that can happen to the Democrats.

The iOS 11 is coming this fall. These are always bigger than Christmas for me.

If you have to tell us you’re #realnews, it’s because you’re actually #fakenews.

“The Democrat Party finds a way to be critical of most everything in life that increases the enjoyment of life.” — Rush Limbaugh

“The position of Inventor is a hard and thankless one. The more fame a man gets from an invention, the more does he become a target for the world to shoot at — while no one seems to think the inventor deserving of pecuniary assistance.” — Alexander Graham Bell

“[Government] interference with marriage might only prompt immorality.” — Alexander Graham Bell on the topic of marriage of deaf persons

“Correspondence between distant places will in future be carried on electrically instead of by mail.” — Alexander Graham Bell in December, 1891

“In scientific experiments, there are no unsuccessful experiments. Every experiment contains a lesson.” — Alexander Graham Bell

The Democrat Party has a long history of domestic terrorism: slavery, KKK, lynchings, Jim Crow, Weathermen, Black Lives Matter, Antifa.

Not every MLB team deserves an All-Star selection. My beloved Phillies are evidence of this.

For all intents and purposes, the political left and civil rights activists have abandoned MLK’s dream of a color-blind society.


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