A winning strategy

It used to aggravate me that the #fakenews media and Democrats persisted with their #fakememe regarding Russian interference & collusion. The intent is and has always been to delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump. I wanted them to let go of the #fakememe and get on with the business of the country.

It used to aggravate me, but it no longer does. I used to want them to drop the #fakememe, but I no longer do. Three days ago, the Democrats lost another special election. Actually, they lost two, but the race for Georgia-6 was overhyped, oversold, and all the #fakenews and all the #fakepolls and all that outside money could not produce a Democrat win. And believe me when I tell you the Democrats and #fakenews threw everything they had at this congressional seat. They are devastated.

The Democrats spent six times what the average congressional campaign costs. In other words, they could have funded six individual House races in 2018 with the money they wasted on Tuesday’s election. This is a very good thing.

I don’t want the Democrats to drop the #fakenews and #fakememe because the more they double-down, the more they lose. They are like a football team that goes into halftime losing and refuses to make any changes to the strategy. They just double-down on what clearly isn’t working, and the best thing they can do for the country is to keep doing what doesn’t work for their party.

The Democrats and #fakenews are wandering in the wilderness. They have no idea where they are going, and their leaders are incompetent. They are completely out of touch with average Americans (at least the productive ones). President Trump and the American people are winning daily, winning bigly, winning on all fronts. And the Democrats have attempted to block every success. The American people see this.

The Democrats have no viable ideas. They cannot win in the intellectual arena. Literally the only thing they have is the fake Russia meme. And they are so invested in their #fakememe that there’s no turning back. They have strung their fruitcake voters along to the point that they are being driven insane, some of them even driven to violence.

In other words, the world is passing the Democrats by, and they are willfully stuck on stupid. And the funniest part is that they’re doing it to themselves. The more insane they become the more they lose, and the more they lose the more insane they become.

So instead of wishing the left would drop the fake Russia meme, I want them to stick with it right through the 2018 election. I want Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters and Bernie Sanders to continue as the voice of the Democrat Party. I want the media to keep producing #fakenews and #fakepolls. I want them to keep lying to themselves and denying reality. Because as long as they are willing to inhabit this alternate reality bubble, the more they keep losing, and when Democrats lose, the country wins.


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