Building blocks (2 Peter 1:1-3)

After 1 Peter, the author waited 6 years to write a follow-up. It will never get so evil in the world that the gospel cannot prevail in a meaningful way. Even during Roman persecution, the church was flourishing.

The reason he writes this book is because Peter believed martyrdom was inevitable. He knew that time was at hand. Back in John, Jesus predicted Peter’s death. Peter now senses that.

If we’re not careful, we will miss the details in the Bible. So when Peter gives the introduction, every word is meaningful. Peter starts calling himself Simon Peter again. Simon was his name before he ever met Jesus. Simon means, “to hear.” (As an old man, Peter is reminiscing about the day when, as a young man, he met Jesus in the flesh.)

1. Don’t ever forget who you used to be. When he was introduced to Jesus Christ, Peter’s life was transformed. It is important to put our past selves behind us. But we also not to forget the nonsense God delivered us from. The best witness you have is to tell others who you used to be and what Jesus saved you from.

He gives us things worth living for, whereas before salvation we were living for nothing. However, the best testimony is that of a person who was saved before he ever got seriously involved in sin. Five times in 13 books written, the apostle Paul gives the entirety of his testimony. He explains how God had delivered him from so much.

If you’ve never been seriously involved in sin, it is only by the grace of God.

We don’t have a salvation we work for, but a salvation that works after we get it.

We have “precious” faith. There is something that makes faith valuable.

2. The value of our faith is in the object of our faith. If you trust in a man, you will get only what a man can do. But if you trust in Christ, you will get what God can do. It is not our faith, by itself, that is important. It is the object of our faith that matters.

Remember, faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. But Jesus is not a genie in a bottle. It takes a little bit of faith in right object to do miracles. It is the righteousness of Jesus Christ that makes our faith precious. The common denominator is not us, but Jesus Christ. Our faith is obtained in the righteousness of God in the person of Jesus Christ.

The devil does have some power. But we are invested in the ultimate power in the God of heaven.

Never again let your mouth open and say you can’t follow God or be a witness or give to the work of God. God has already given us all things. We have no excuse for not living for Jesus.

Twice in verse 3, Peter uses the work “knowledge.”

3. Knowing more about God is a poor substitute for knowing God intimately. American Christianity is filled with people who know about God. Yet our homes are no better for it. We have more reousrces today to tell us all about God, yet our divorce rate is just as high as the world’s. Instead, what will change the world is a handful of men who know the Lord intimately..

How much Bible we know doesn’t make us a better person. How intimately we know God is what transforms us. Let God flow in you and through you. No one need be poor. No one need be downcast. Because Jesus is available. We should desire nothing more.


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