The real party of death

The Republican Party is remarkably close to passing a repeal and replace of ObamaCare. It’s not a perfect bill, but anything that removes the individual mandate is a significant improvement on the disaster that is/was ObamaCare.

Naturally, the Democrats are in full-scale meltdown. (It doesn’t take much these days.) The standard party line is that the AHCA is “mean.” They are saying people will die as a result, as though sick people will drop dead the moment President Trump signs the bill into law. Some are even citing actual numbers of Americans who could die as a result of repealing ObamaCare.

This is standard fare for the Democrats. We heard the same thing when President Trump pulled us out of the Paris climate agreement. If liberal policies are repealed, then people will die. They can’t possibly be getting any mileage out of this, because Democrats keep losing elections, but I suppose it does assuage their fruitcake voters and #fakenews apparatchiks.

I submit to you that not a single person will die as a result of the AHCA. I also submit to you that not a single life would be saved if ObamaCare were left in place. It’s just words that liberal politicians use when they have no actual ideas.

The irony is that the Democrats’ attempt to portray the GOP as the party of death is yet another example of projection. You see, the Democrats are the actual party of death. They lament that “children will suffer” if the AHCA passes, yet completely ignore the irony that it is they who support the wanton killing of more than 1M unborn human beings every year. They are the ones whose followers have taken to violence, portraying President Trump’s beheading or actually using GOP congressmen as target practice.

So when you hear a Democrat accuse the GOP of wanting to kill Americans, just write it off as one more example of liberal projection.


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