cocksureness (adj.) — presumptuously or arrogantly confident

vouchsafe (v.) — give or grant (something) to (someone) in a gracious or condescending manner

iconoclast (n.) — a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions

bravura (n.) — great technical skill and brilliance shown in a performance or activity

peroration (n.) — the concluding part of a speech, typically intended to inspire enthusiasm in the audience

husbandman (n.) — a person who cultivates the land; a farmer

lexicographer (n.) — a person who compiles dictionaries

euphony (n.) — the quality of being pleasing to the ear, especially through a harmonious combination of words

pathos (n.) — a quality that evokes pity or sadness

roquelaure (n.) — a cloak reaching to the knees, worn by men during the 18th century

exigency (n.) — an urgent need or demand

magniloquence (n.) — use of high-flown language

efflorescence (n.) — optimum stage of development

splenetic (adj.) — bad-tempered


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