Monday morning musings

I wonder how much longer George Soros is going to keep funding all these Republican election victories?

When Democrats talk about resisting, what is it they want to resist? More jobs? Fewer jihadists in the country? Americans no longer forced to buy medical insurance?

Donna Brazile recently tweeted “We need help in promoting the most progressive platform ever in the history of American politics. #Grateful @TheDemocrats.” Good. This is exactly what we want them to do. Double-down on what doesn’t work.

“The flat earth society has members all around the globe.”

Here’s a complete list of things taxpayers owe non-taxpayers:

“Radical Muslims are snakes. Moderate Muslims are the grass they hide in.”

How can the AHCA be a transfer of wealth from poor to rich? When did the poor get all this money?

Planned Parenthood poured $734,000 into Jon Ossoff’s campaign in Georgia-6. Since they receive several hundred million dollars from us taxpayers, isn’t this money laundering?

Liberals will always tell you their intentions because it’s what they accuse the opposition of doing.

According to Terry McAuliffe, 93 million Americans are killed every day by guns.

When was the last time you heard any Democrat attempt to inspire someone to greatness? They never lift up their victims. That’s because their victims must remain victims in order to be useful to Democrats.

All this talk of Democrats winning “moral victories” is ludicrous. Democrats have no morals, so there are no moral victories.


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