Freedom from fear (Matthew 14:22-31)

Pretty much all of us deal with some sort of fear. Sometimes following God can lead to rough sailing. Some of our scariest situations have a higher purpose than just scaring us.

There are many things we are scared of: terrorism, Amber alerts for out children, our health, etc. God does not want fear to be our main purpose. How do we overcome this fear?

Jesus was in a situation where He had served the multitudes and so He wanted to be alone with God. He went up into a mountain. (Even Jesus needed quiet time. How often do we forfeit quiet time because we are so busy?)

The disciples found themselves in a boat at sea in a storm. They were following Jesus’ instructions when they were caught in the storm. They were in God’s will yet still found themselves in apparent danger.

Jesus had been watching them and approached them in the storm. At first, they were troubled because they thought He was a spirit. But then they recognized His voice; He said to them, “Be not afraid.”

Peter had to be shown. He asked that if it really were Jesus, that He would have Peter to leave the boat. So Jesus commanded him, and Peter found himself walking on water.

An analogy is that as followers of Christ, we get out of the boat and walk where Jesus has walked. Jesus came to liberate us from the prison, or the entrapment, of sin. Faith is the substance of things hoped for.

Ask the Lord how He would handle certain situations in which we find ourselves. We have to follow God’s leadership and get out of the boat.


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