Sunday musings

July 4th is the day after tomorrow. (Note to liberals: Cinco de Mayo is NOT the national holiday here in the U.S.) This July 4th seems so much more meaningful now that President Trump is in the White House and not that Hussein fellow.

Liberal feminists (both females and beta males) are so funny. They say they want to be treated like men. But when President Trump treats a woman like a man, they say it’s shameful how he treats women.

When leftists malign, lie about and belittle President Trump, his family and other conservatives, it’s called journalism or art. When The Donald hits back, it’s called bullying.

Democrats act as though repealing ObamaCare will mean and end to health care in the U.S. Their assertion that Republicans want to throw 22 million people off their health care and that thousands or tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands or millions wil die is just your typical, meaningless drivel from Democrats. It’s all they have. They are a party that is entirely bankrupt of both morals and ideas. In truth, a repeal of ObamaCare would merely take us back to what we enjoyed before ObamaCare, when the large majority of us already had medical coverage, could keep our doctors, and enjoyed lower premiums.

I don’t use SD cards anymore, but did you know they now make SD cards that hold 512GB of data? They aren’t cheap, but still. These things are only a little larger than your average postage stamp. How is this even possible?

My wife and I finally broke down and bought a new MacBook Air. I don’t really use a laptop anymore, but she still does and our years-old PC that ran Windows 10 at a snail’s pace had devolved to such a state of decrepitude that it was hardly usable anymore. So now our home has been entirely purged of all things Windows. Apple simply makes incredible products that cannot be beat.


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