You might be a liberal if…

You believe President Trump is obligated to turn over his tax returns but states shouldn’t have to turn over their voting records.

Maxine Waters makes sense to you.

You believe President Trump defending himself on Twitter threatens our free press.

You believe President Trump is inciting conservatives to violence even though all the violence is being committed by leftists.

President Trump’s tweets have you so tied up in knots that you ignore all that is being accomplished economically.

You believe a $15/hour minimum wage is actually good for low-wage employees.

You believe the First Amendment grants the press immunity from criticism and also requires POTUS to grant access to reporters.

You believe Bernie Sanders is a man of the people.

You believe women should be treated like men but express outrage over Trump’s treatment of some women.

You believe illegal immigrants don’t vote.

You believe illegal immigrants do vote, and have no problem with this as long as they vote Democrat.

You would let someone deny you a second scoop of ice cream.

You complain that President Trump is denying the #fakenews media their First Amendment rights but also believe he should give up his First Amendment rights and stop tweeting.

You advocate all manner of crass treatment of POTUS and his family, but then complain that his tweets are “beneath the dignity of the presidency.”

You still cannot accept the election results — except the Democrat primary, which we all know was rigged for Hillary.

You would abolish the Second Amendment tomorrow if you could and take away everyone’s guns, but applaud a Bernie supporter who used a gathering of GOP congressmen and staffers as target practice.

You wasted an entire day trying to figure out the meaning of “covfefe,” but aren’t the least bit curious about what happened to Seth Rich.


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