Describing the Trump/#fakenews media relationship using key words

Two days ago I posted a list of words and definitions, which I do occasionally. I collect little-used words from books I read and post them here. I’m always trying to build up my vocabulary and enjoy sharing obscure words with my readers. At any rate, when putting together my last collection, I realized that a lot of them sort of reminded me of the relationship between President Trump and the #fakenews media, and so I have undertaken a theme using all 15 words from Tuesday’s vocabulary list.

President Trump is justified to point out the enmity coming from the #fakenews media — and totally justified in defending himself. Of course, the #fakenews media lament the fact that The Donald hits them back. I am sure they reminisce about the quondam era when they could expatiate whatever #fakenews they wanted without any sort of accountability. Peradventure they should consider this before publishing their #fakenews. Despite their supercilious demeanor, #fakenews reporters are rather dense. They don’t realize that so many of us are laughing at them.

Recently, President Trump tweeted about a female #fakenews reporter who showed up at Mar-a-Lago with a cochineal appearance following a facelift. The #fakenews media considered this beneath the dignity of the office of president, then spent the rest of the day offering us their laughable, maudlin lamentations. Indeed, these Bolshies in the #fakenews media would have us believe the free press is in jeopardy, but in reality, President Trump’s aggressive response to the press reminds many of us of President Reagan, a sort of polder of Americanism we feared was lost forever.

Indeed, the #fakenews media will perorate all day on trivial things that don’t really matter, such as the occasional solecism in a Trump tweet, but really the press is forever giving us material that belongs in the loo. That The Donald discards these majordomos of the #fakenews media with such flippancy is quite delicious. He is also loathe to grant them access, a coy behavior that is blasted by journalists, but perfectly justifiable given their maltreatment of our great president. And their characterization of Trump’s behavior as rantipole is really nothing more than projection. You see, it is really the #fakenews media that are crude, crass and wholly undignified. They are getting from President Trump exactly what they deserve.


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