Friday’s random musings

There is folly even among the learned.

I think we are seeing #fakenews CNN in its death throes. They will remain defiant right to the end.

I guess we can now add the CNN logo to the left’s protected class of minority victims.

Now that the fake Russia meme is dead, the next fake meme is Trump’s mental health. This is ironic, because his accusers happen to be the most unhinged of all.

The Democrats & #fakenews thought they could destroy Trump’s presidency the way they did Bush 43’s. But reality has not been kind to progressives. They simply can’t beat The Donald.

Mortality rate before ObamaCare: 100%
Mortality rate during ObamaCare: 100%
Mortality rate after ObamaCare: 100%

What establishment politicians don’t understand is that industrious Americans typically don’t look to Washington to make their lives better. Moochers do that.

The older I get, the fewer things there are that I actually care about. And by that, I mean there are fewer and fewer things that I am willing to get upset over. I care a great deal about a few things, and don’t really care about the rest.

Who would have ever thought that Poland would represent the de facto capital of Free Europe? No wonder they love President Trump over there.

It has rained at my house literally every day in July. I haven’t been in my hammock for over a week because of this.


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