Thinking about the AT

I have a sort of fascination with the Appalachian Trail, and especially with the individuals who hike or have hiked the Appalachian Trail. Perhaps this is something I can someday do myself, but I would need a good five months. So it isn’t in the works anytime soon. I can’t just walk away and hike the AT right now. I have read a veritable stack of books written by or about those who have hiked the AT, and a few by those who have hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, which is even longer than the Appalachian Trail. In the interim, I’ll often go over to and read blog posts of those who are currently on their hikes. Most interesting are the anecdotes, what they are seeing, experiencing, thinking, feeling. What motivates them? What causes so many of them to quit? What is it like to be completely autonomous as s hiker, carrying everything you need on your back? How do they leave one life and take up a new one on the AT? And so on…


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