Building blocks (2 Peter 1:11-12)

We have been looking at the concept of adding to our faith. Peter shows us what it looks like to not just be saved, but to also be growing in the faith. If we add the right things to our lives and subtract the wrong things, God will multiply our faith.

If we do not add to our faith, we will not be spiritually productive and might even come to doubt our faith. This doesn’t result in us losing our salvation, but will result in us falling away from the faith. So let us be less of what we are by nature, and more of what God wants us to be supernaturally.

The Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher in the entirety of the universe.

In verse 11, Peter writes that “an entrance shall be ministered unto you.” The word “ministered,” translated from the original, actually means “add to your faith.” In other words, you minister to yourself by adding to your faith. Then He will greatly minister to us.

When we leave this world for the eternal presence of God, how do we have an entrance? There are already mansions for us in the Father’s house. Christ has already prepared a place for us. He has given us an entrance that we could not have gained for ourselves. In other words, the Cross was His preparation for us.

If He had stayed dead, we’d all be doomed.

Lost people don’t grow spiritually. It’s not religion or baptism or good looks that provide the way.

1. The additions we make to our lives will be rewarded by a lavish reception into heaven. Once we die and enter into His presence, we will be abundantly ministered to. It will be the perfect presence of God — no disease, no pain, no complaining no conflict.

There will be three great surprises in heaven: who will be there, those who aren’t there, and that YOU get to be there. No matter what pain we suffer in this life, it is not comparable to the eternal glory of heaven.

There are 5 people (or groups of people) who will meet us at the reception when we get to heaven: our friends (who knew the gospel), family, heroes of the faith (great cloud of witnesses), the angelic hosts (declaration of the glory of God for all eternity), and God Himself. After all, heaven is really about God and only God. There is no end to the glory of our God. Keep adding to your faith, because when you get to heaven there will be a large ministry reception.

If you don’t know where you’ve been and you don’t know where you are, you sure won’t know where you’re going.

When you take hope away from humanity you get chaos. Atheism does not add hope to life.

2. It’s not enough to accept the truth, we must apply it. There is a big difference between acceptance and application. One of the great curses of modern Christianity is that we don’t apply the truths that we know to our lives, our marriages, etc. The Bible is a book of application. It is the application that we struggle with.


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