Quote du jour

The Maha Rushie spent a good deal of yesterday's program taking apart liberal feminism. It was glorious from start to finish. There are many worthy quotes from his dissertation, but here's my favorite:

Now, what is it about all of those characteristics that the left despises? Who are these people that were white, male, able-bodied, that’s bad. See, able-bodied is bad, because not everybody is, it’s unfair. We should stop benefiting those who can take care of themselves, it’s not fair. It is actually discriminatory if you are self-reliant. If you’re able-bodied, if you’re able to do things, take care of yourself, you are discriminatory. And you are part of white heteromasculinity. Economically privileged, heterosexual, cisgendered. All of this, this defines normal!

If you are normal, you are bad for our culture. If you are white male, able-bodied, economically privileged, heterosexual, and know that you’re a man, if you’re a man, you are the problem.



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