Building blocks (2 Peter 1:13-15)

We all must grow and deepen our faith. If we’re adding the right things to our lives and subtracting the wrong things, the Holy Spirit will multiply everything that’s righteous in us.

So often we live our Christian lives in terms of what God used to do in our lives or what God used to do in the church. “Used to” churches are useless churches because God can still do the things He used to do.

1. We must be awakened to what God is doing around us. When He speaks, it is always in the present. “The Lord is my shepherd,” for example. What is God doing in our nation right now? In our community? In our church? In our marriages?

Sometimes we have to do things like fasting in order to get answers from God.

Sometimes God does incredible things in our lives and we’re too busy to even notice. If we could see into the spiritual realm it would amaze us what is going on around us.

2. The most startling revelation about life, is death. We are all going to die one day and that knowledge should impact us. If you know how to use your time and you waste it instead, you waste your life. And this is rebellion against God. Our life span is just a drop in the bucket of eternity. We often forget how short life really is.

If you knew you had just one week — 168 hours — to live, who would you forgive? What would you give away? Who would you share the gospel with? What would you do with your spouse? If you would do those things knowing you just had one week left, why do you not do them now not knowing if you even have a week?

If you have to be spoonfed daily, there’s something wrong with your spiritual walk. We all have to learn to stand on our own two feet spiritually.

3. When God removes people from your life, Jesus is enough. Sometimes people are taken from us for one reason or another. Or sometimes we are betrayed by a friend. We have to understand that when they are all gone, Jesus is still enough.

The heart is an idol factory. We have to understand that Jesus is enough for us, no matter what else happens to us or those around us. We will never be satisfied until Jesus becomes enough to satisfy everything in us. Don’t waste your life on a miserable existence of self.


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