Liberalism’s war on masculinity rolls on (and the quote du jour)

Rush Limbaugh led off hour two of yesterday's program with the news that Princeton University has hired a "men's engagement manager" to help combat aggressive masculinity. According to the university, the men's engagement manager focuses on "promoting an environment for healthy male social development by challenging belief systems and social constructs that contribute to violence." In other words, they want to make men more like women, because emasculation of men has long been the objective of liberal feminism. At any rate, Rush offered the following commentary:

Militant feminism — which is what feminism is. There is no moderate strain of it. Militant feminism is essentially a War on Men and the way men naturally are because that is seen as the reason or the explanation for women being unhappy. So the effort of militant feminists has been actually multifaceted. I mean, they're trying to change basic human nature, largely because it was so unkind to many of them and because they think that this basic human nature has resulted in them being powerless and discriminated against and 'objectified.' All the things that nature makes happen, they are offended by and outraged by — and it manifests itself in screwy ways. You're not supposed to notice how attractive a woman is. If you do that, and depending on how vociferous you are about it, you are at the very least a sexist — and at worst, you're a predator who doesn't care about anything else about a woman.

Liberal feminists are a genuinely unhappy bunch. You could say this about liberals in general, because they seem to be in a state of perpetual outrage. These are not happy people. But liberal feminists are for the most part unhappy because they are at war with biology and human nature, and you can't make this your life's purpose and truly be happy with the outcome. You can try to artificially re-wire the male brain, and there are plenty of limp-wristed liberal beta males who will willingly acquiesce, but then they wonder where all the real men have gone. Those of us who take pride in our masculinity (and know our rightful place) won't have any of this nonsense. Biology and human nature are what they are by design, and we're happy being who were are. You can ignore liberal feminists, or you can make fun of them, but if you take them seriously, it is to your own detriment.


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