Building blocks (2 Peter 1:16-18)

There is a recurring theme in the verses we have already studied. Remember where you have been and what God has delivered you from. We have to quit talking only about what God used to do and realize what He’s doing right now.

In today’s verses, the writer is building a case that will carry us into the next chapter. He is going to start making the case for inspiration. The word of God today is more valuable and more up-to-date than the very miracles of the New Testament.

There were false prophets then as now. They flourish because the church does not understand the contest of the Bible. Indeed, the church is as ignorant as a brick.

People who don’t believe the Bible dismiss the supernatural. The things in the Bible are meant for a supernaturally charged heart to understand.

1. Our lives are built on the truth of God’s word, not made up fairy tale nonsense. The Bible is good for eternity past, good for the present, good for eternity yet to come. It is unchanging.

We are to have an answer for the hope of Jesus Christ who resides in us. Our lives are not built on foolishness. We are living and being built by the truth of the word of God.

The writer of these verses was an eyewitness of Jesus’ majesty. They saw His many miracles: the feeding of the 5,000, the raising of Lazarus, the encounter with a blind man, healing on the Sabbath. Fables will lead you to trouble. The truth is found in the Bible.

2. No one can take away what you have experienced for yourself. There are a lot of arguments that we cannot win, no matter what. There will always be those who argue with us about our faith — even religious people in church. But there’s one thing no one can argue with us over: what Jesus has done for me. Personal experience may not be enough to convince others of the existence of God, but it’s sure good enough for me.

God perfects us in our imperfections. People cannot deny the reality of what God has done for us individually. Those who know us best can also see the evidence of God in our lives.

Verse 18 refers to the writer’s experience on the Mount of Transfiguration. Amazingly, what we have now in the word of God is a greater source of prophecy than what they had during Jesus’ ministry. Indeed, the Bible today is more valuable than the audible voice of God.

3. There is no greater joy than to be in God’s presence and operate in His power. No pages (of the Bible), no power. The truth is contained in the word of God.

Matthew 17:1-8 recounts the experience on the Mount of Transfiguration. There were various groups of people Jesus worked with, from the masses all the way down to just 12 people. But sometimes even that circle was too large. When Jesus did something even more profound, like the transfiguration, he whittled it down to just three: Peter, James and John.

God is trying to get us to the place where we see Jesus only, just as they saw on the Mount of Transfiguration. In the end, stuff doesn’t matter. What you drive doesn’t matter. We want to be able to see Jesus only.


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