John McCain is to war heroes what O.J. Simpson is to football heroes.

For the longest time, I was willing to give John McCain a pass on his RINO-ism because of the years he spent as a POW in Vietnam. Outside of losing your life in defense of the United States, being a POW is the pinnacle of sacrifice. That's worth a lot of points. But John McCain has used up his war hero points. All of them.

I voted for John McCain for President in 2008. (Actually, I voted for Sarah Palin for Vice-President in 2008.)

After campaigning just last fall as an opponent of ObamaCare, three nights ago, Senator John McCain joined two other RINO's and all 48 Democrats to vote against overturning ObamaCare's individual and employer mandates (the "skinny repeal"). This came after a much broader "repeal & replace" effort failed to garner 50 votes. His vote could have made life so much better for so many productive, taxpaying Americans. Instead, he used it to stab the American people in the back.

Just a few months after campaigning as a foe of ObamaCare, he has become one of its biggest advocates.

According to multiple Hill staffers, Senator McCain could be heard laughing with Democrats and remarked, "Let's see Donald make America great again now."

John McCain is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican. John McCain is a traitor to the American people. He could have easily voted according to his campaign promise and helped us rid the monster of ObamaCare. Instead, he put his pride and ill-will toward President Trump ahead of his obligation to the American people and made himself a liar and a traitor in the process.

The sad part is, John McCain doesn't care. He doesn't care about you or me or anyone who voted for him and helped elect him. He doesn't care about the millions of American citizens who are forced by law to purchase ObamaCare, yet can't afford to use it. And why should he? Members of Congress are exempted from the ObamaCare mandates that the rest of us are subjected to. He's getting treated for brain cancer at the Mayo Clinic. Imagine if he were forced to seek treatment as an ObamaCare policy holder.

John McCain has a long history of siding with Democrats over conservatives. This is not something new. What is new is that since President Trump's election, Senator McCain has removed the sheep's clothing and now actively opposes our President and the American people.

John McCain was just re-elected to the U.S. Senate last November. This means we're stuck with this bum until after the 2022 elections. I'm not so callous as to say I hope his brain cancer soon gets the best of him. But I do hope the Justice Department follows through and prosecutes Senator McCain for leaking classified information about President Trump and, if convicted, he is removed from office that way.

Regardless, John McCain's self-inflicted downfall from war hero to traitor is now complete. That he remains a U.S. senator for another 5+ years disgusts me as much as any Democrat.

John McCain. Traitor.


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