Why Republican voters must not stay home on Election Day

I'm just as disgusted with the GOP as anyone. After years of promising to repeal ObamaCare if given the chance, they've had the chance and failed to repeal ObamaCare. As a result, GOP voters are threatening to stay home on Election Day en masse. I understand the sentiment. I mean, why bother to vote Republican when they vote like Democrats?

However, I implore you not to stay home on Election Day.

President Trump cannot drain the swamp all by himself. The swamp includes the GOP Congress, and President Trump cannot simply vanquish these useless establishment types, although I wish he could.

We still have work to do. It's going to require multiple election cycles to drain as much of the swamp as we can. Last year was just the first. It is imperative that we primary these useless Republicans. In Tennessee, we have two Republican senators to replace with conservatives who will support the Trump agenda (repealing ObamaCare, passing tax cuts, and building the wall). One of them is up for re-election next year. The other is up for re-election in 2020. We can replace him at the same time we re-elect President Trump.

Aside from replacing useless Republicans during the primaries, there are still Democrats to beat. Several Democrats in the Senate are up for re-election next year. While we in Tennessee cannot help with this, we will definitely be watching races in other states with great interest. Not all Republicans are useless. The repeal & replace bill supported by President Trump was approved by a large majority of Republican senators, and a companion bill has already passed the House. But with a slender 52-48 majority in the Senate, it only takes 3 turncoats to sabotage Trump's legislative agenda. We have to replace more Democrats with Republicans in order to overcome the small but powerful traitorous wing of the GOP.

This is why we cannot stay home on Election Day. More attention is required by us patriots. Beating incumbents is difficult. Take out your anger on unseating RINO's instead of sitting at home and doing nothing. President Trump needs us every bit as much as we need him.


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