When in Rome…

…do as the Romans do. Unless you’re a Muslim. Then you are not expected to assimilate into whatever country and culture you migrate to. Just come on over and demand that those of us who are already here do as you do, pay your bills, and follow the tenets of your religion. You can even murder some of us for no good reason, and liberals will blame your victims while sympathizing with you in a hand-wringing effort to understand what we did to make you so angry. You can even sexually assault our women. We know whatever you do to them is their fault, anyway. We’ll even make them wear hijabs. Our feminist culture has emasculate the men, so they won’t stand up for themselves or the ladies. Women’s rights, you know. Oh, and those who demand separation of church and state have no problem with public schools teaching everyone else’s children about your faith. Anyone who opposes, we’ll just call them Islamophobes. So come on over and destroy what productive people have endeavored to build. You’ll get to spread your ideology into more cultures, and we’ll feel better about ourselves in the process.


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