An inconvenient comparison (a tale of two tweets)

Al Gore is coming out with another propaganda film pushing the climate change hoax. I didn't see the first Inconvenient film, and I won't be seeing the second, but I can tell you everything in it is a lie. I know this because Al Gore is behind it.

The former vice-president and senator from Tennessee, along with other leftists, have been pushing the global warming/climate change hoax for 30+ years. Not a single prediction they have ever made has come to pass, but they keep pushing and the left-wing lemmings who follow obediently and unquestioningly keep taking the bait.

I am by nature a skeptic, especially when leftists try to sell me on some idea. In my own naïveté, I expect others to be skeptics, too, which is why it befuddles me that the left-wing masses never seem to question their leaders.

It's no secret that Al Gore lives an extravagant lifestyle. He has become incredibly wealthy pushing the climate change hoax. (Always follow the money.) And he's not the only leftist pushing the climate change hoax who also lays down a carbon footprint the size of Texas. Whether it's politicians like Gore, the Obamas, or the Clintons, or various celebrities, you'll never see them reducing their own lifestyle. Oh, they might purchase "carbon credits" or "carbon offsets" in order to parade before the masses and brag about being "carbon neutral," but you'll never see them follow the orders they hand down to rest of us.

Let's say you are an obedient Democrat voter, perhaps even a climate change activist. You do everything you're told to do because you honestly believe human activity is destroying the planet. Let's say you make various nickel-and-dime changes to you lifestyle in order to shave a few millimeters off your carbon footprint. Perhaps you walk or bike to work, or maybe you drive a hybrid or one of those tin can automobiles that you could park inside a phone booth. Or you've cut out red meat, you set your thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer, and you're obsessed with "sustainability."

If that were me, and I were doing everything I could to help "save the planet," I'd seriously question why I was doing what I was doing in light of Al Gore's extravagant living. After all, he doesn't seem to be doing anything to "save the planet," except tell everyone else how to live. Every time he flies to someplace overseas and hops in a motorcade from the airport to wherever he happens to be speaking, he wipes out a lifetime of your nickel-and-dime carbon-reducing efforts. If it were me, I'd conclude that the "crisis" must not be all that serious and then I'd live the way I jolly well pleased.


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