The left’s fakery

Literally everything coming from the Democrat Party and the mainstream press anymore is fake. It’s either a lie or a hoax or projection. There’s nothing about the left you can trust as being real or factual.

For example, everything — and I do mean everything — coming from the mainstream media is fake news. They also simultaneously cover up the things that are real.

Climate change is a hoax, a fake crisis.

The Trump/Russia collusion meme is a fake scandal. More accurately, it’s the left’s projection of what is really a Democrat/Russia scandal.

Any poll showing Trump’s approval rating under 50% is a fake poll. Polls routinely oversample Democrats by a large margin.

The Clinton Foundation is a fake charity.

Elizabeth Warren is a fake Indian.

Barack Obama is a false messiah.

Al Gore is a false prophet.

Islam is a false religion.

“Give me your huddled masses” is fake excuse for providing sanctuary for illegal immigrants. “Give me your would-be Democrat voters” would be a more accurate tag line.

ObamaCare is fake medical coverage. Just ask the productive Americans forced to purchase ObamaCare who can’t afford the premiums and can’t use the “benefits” because the deductibles are too high.

Compassion for the poor and downtrodden is a fake excuse for the Democrats’ social programs. The Democrats do not have compassion for ordinary Americans. They only want votes to keep them in power.

Trump stealing the election is a fake excuse for the Democrats’ rejection by voters. It’s also projection. It is the Democrats who endeavored to steal the election. And they’re still trying to!


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