Tuesday musings

Colin Kaepernick cannot find a job, which I find absolutely hilarious. The America-hating backup quarterback hasn’t garnered a single offer, even as the NFL enters its preseason. One reason is that he just isn’t very good anymore. But I’m convinced that an equally important reason is the circus act he has created around himself. NFL ratings took a hit last year because so many players — led by Kaepernick — decided to protest the National Anthem. If Kaepernick were actually good enough to lead an offense and win games, there might be teams willing to put up with the circus act. But there are other available quarterbacks of similar talent who bring no drama and are therefore much more appealing. So unless Kaepernick finds a team in the next five weeks or so, he’ll get to spend the 2017 season the best way he knows how — by taking a knee.

The Los Angeles Dodgers recently tied a major league record by winning 43 of 50 games. The only other team to accomplish this feat is the 1912 New York Giants. Honestly, I would have thought a 43-7 record in the MLB to be impossible. It’s astonishing, really.

Those of you who believe Robert Mueller is going to ultimately deliver the goods on Democrat corruption are fooling yourselves. Mueller is part of the Establishment and has a small army of Hillary lawyers working for him. Satan cannot cast out Satan, and Mueller similarly isn’t going to cast out Democrats.

“Nothing is ever certain in politics until it happens.”

The Berlin Wall, built by Khrushchev in 1961, was the first barrier in history designed to keep people in rather than their enemies out.

“[President Truman] did not intend to be devoured; history judged the devoured too harshly.”

On General Douglas MacAurthur: “The rules made for lesser men had no relevance to himself.”

Don’t think for a second the Democrat Party is the party of the “little guy.” Right now, President Trump is single-handedly the party of the little guy. He’s doing far more for average Americans than either the Democrats or Republicans. Not only are they opposing everything President Trump is attempting to implement, the monomaniacal Democrats are simultaneously obsessed with Trump/Russia collusion that simply does not exist. This obsession does nothing for you or for me.

My debit card offers 0% APR in perpetuity. It’s better than any credit card deal out there.

It’s just as important to exercise your mind as your body.

I’m mowing my lawn today for the first time in 17 days. It hasn’t rained much until this past weekend. I’ve been spoiled by the mowing cessation.

I’ve heard good things about Atlanta’s new baseball stadium. I want to go sometime. Back when the Phillies were good, they’d give me crap for wearing my Phillies’ gear. Now we’re so bad that I’m hoping they’ll feel sorry for me and give me free stuff.


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