Quote du jour

From today’s Rush Limbaugh Show, hour 1:

Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Glenn Thrush, Garrison Keillor, Mark Halperin, Harvey Weinstein, three CNN editors, three NPR executives, two people at the New Republic are out of work, and Donald Trump isn’t. Donald Trump is still there, and the tax bill cleared the Senate or will when they have the vote. Al Franken is floundering and looks to be the fool he has always been. John Conyers is in the hospital because of stress. A woman of privilege, a white woman of privilege has told this poor black guy in the hospital to quit, to resign, to get out of there, that he is the problem. James Clyburn of the Congressional Black Caucasians is pointing out that all of Conyers’ accusers are white women. Hollywood is damn near a smoking ember. The entirety of the Drive-By Media teetering on the brink of ruin, and it is Trump who is delusional? It is Trump losing his mind?



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