The glorious unfolding (Ephesians 1:3-4)

Whether it’s good or bad, God is in control of everything. Some things in the Bible seem a bit “far-fetched,” but we believe them because it’s the word of God.

1. God always works through channels of authority. We serve one God co-existing in three personalities. This is what it means to be created in the image of God in body, soul & spirit. Jesus was God “with meat on Him.”

Jesus willingly humbled Himself and became obedient to God the Father. Jesus submitted to authority as an example, because we all have authority in our lives. The way you treat those in authority is the way others will treat you when you’re in authority.

When you purposely go against authority, it’s because you have a pre-meditated motive that is ungodly. We are all under God’s divine authority.

Grace is when God gives us what we don’t deserve; mercy is when He withholds what we do deserve. Don’t believe for a second that you are not blessed.

If you’re not spiritual, then you are bankrupt.

2. The blessings of heaven are within us at present because of the finished work of Christ. The message has always been the gospel: Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. He has blessed us based on what He did and not because of what we have done. He paid the price on the Cross. It is a full payment of our sin debt.

Without Jesus, we are “unblessable.”

We are not going to mess up God’s will. He does not need us to carry out His design.

The gospel was not just an afterthought. The gospel was planned before the world was ever created. God’s sovereignty and the free will of man are Biblical truths. They are like train tracks, always headed in parallel directions but never cross.

Although we have free will, it can never trump God’s sovereignty. We are dead in our sins until we are redeemed by God. We don’t naturally go looking for God, except that He put it on our hearts to do so.

3. The sovereignty of God is s truly comforting reality. We serve a God who knows what happens next. He is a million moves ahead of us at any moment. He is in control of salvation and surrender and sanctification and the insane messes we find ourselves in.

Our free will is limited because God is going to do what God is going to do and He doesn’t really care what we think. We are not in full, total control. And this is best.

Most of us don’t believe this because we don’t like it. We tend to crave authority and control.


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