Wednesday quick hits

Table salt is made up of sodium and chlorine. Yet we always refer to it as “sodium.” How come we never refer to salt content as “high chlorine” or “low chlorine?”

While running in Memphis on Saturday, I passed the Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest statues, both currently embattled. I very discreetly waved to both.

The University of Memphis has signed football coach Mike Norvell to a 5-year, $13M contract extension that will pay him an average of $2.6M annually. I don’t know that he’ll still be here in 5 years, but it is a relief and a bit of a surprise that he’ll at least be back in 2018. Of course, this is by far the most we’ve ever paid a football coach. It may translate to higher ticket prices next season, which is fine. Success does come at a price. So be it.

Democrats are literally saying that GOP tax reform will result in people dying. This is how desperate they are to prevent you and me from keeping more of our own money.

People born in 1958 will turn 60 next year.

The Mueller investigation is unconstitutional in every way. It is nothing more than the swamp trying to overturn an election with which it does not agree. It’s about us as much as it’s about President Trump. After all, we’re the ones who elected him.

The best proposal I’ve come across for an 8-team college football playoff goes like this: all 5 power conference champions get in, plus the highest-ranked non-power 5 school, plus two wild cards. The lower seeds play at the home of the higher seeds in mid-December.

Is there anyone in the entertainment industry who is not a pervert, an adulterer, and/or a pedophile? Do you not laugh when they lecture us about morality?

According to Wikipedia, the largest city in the world is Chongqing, China, with a population of 30,165,000.

The full gay BLT acronym is now “LGBTQQIP2SAA.” It reminds me of a remark you can sometimes find in an official weather observation, which is “LGTICCCCG.” It stands for “lighting in cloud, cloud to cloud, cloud to ground.”


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