The glorious unfolding (Ephesians 1:4-5)

Sometimes we read the Bible too fast and miss much of its detail. So it’s important to slow down and “marinate” in the word of God.

Don’t let us be distracted. Don’t let our spirits be troubled.

God sees everything about us. And no matter what happens in our lives, God is capable of putting everything together.

If God never does another thing for us, what He has already done is enough, and is way more than we deserve. The blessings of God are not material blessings, but spiritual blessings.

God has all power over heaven and earth; Satan only has some power here on earth. Yet we give the devil far too much credit.

Ultimately, the reason we live for God is not for ourselves or each other, but for God and His glory.

1. Our love for Christ is the deepest motivation to live a life of holiness and dedication. A lot of us serve the Lord with the wrong motivation. Sometimes we give only because we get. We don’t have to go to church; we get to go to church. The things we take for granted are actually privileges.

Genuine love for God will make us holy. When we were saved, God removed the person we used to be. We are therefore separate from this world. The world has an evil idea of anti-Christianity. We are to identify ourselves with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We all identify with something. Let us as believers identify with Christ and not the world.

Does the world know who we identify with by the way we dress and carry ourselves? Do we return to the very things God saved us from in the first place?

In verse 5, the text uses the word “predestinated.” This means whatever happens next is predestinated by God. He chose to adopt us into a family that we originally did not belong to,

2. Spiritual adoption is the definitive proof for God’s plan of salvation. God brought us into His family when we could not have gotten in by ourselves.

Those who have adopted children know what it’s like to bring an outsider into their family. Adoption is the most legally binding contract there is. That’s why when God adopts us from the devil’s family it cannot be undone. We belong to God and are privy to His inheritance.

We came forth from the devil’s womb speaking lies. We are all cursed by that sin nature. Then God walks into the orphanage of despair and adds us to His family. This is made by possible by the most historical event: the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

God loves to be needed by His children. Because we are members of the family of God, we ought to act like family.

God made everything perfect and gave us the keys to the car and we drove it into the ditch. Sin is what results, yet God makes everything good.

3. The free will of man is limited and never greater than the ultimate pleasure of God. We can make some major choices in our lives, but our choices can never trump what God has predetermined.

God’s plan was to get Joseph into Egypt. It required the hardness of his brothers’ hearts to get him there. They tried to kill him but this was not part of God’s plan, so God’s plan trumped Joseph’s brothers’ free will.

Likewise, Jesus had to die the way He did because He was the chosen Lamb to be slain before the foundation of the world.

God will overwrite whatever we do in order to bring glory to Himself. He will even use the wrath of man to save others. We aren’t going to change the will of God.


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