Sometimes dreams can be the pits (Genesis 39:5-41:1)

It can be discouraging when others try to minimize the work God is doing in our lives or the work He wants us to do. This is where Joseph found himself with his brothers.

In Egypt, Joseph was where God wanted him to be, he just didn’t get there the way he would have wanted. Joseph was 17 years old at the time, yet he was already filled with the Spirit and wisdom of God.

Jospeh was not only well-favored by the Lord, he was also well-favored by people. Even in captivity, God was blessing Joseph mightily.

However, his master’s (Potiphar’s) wife propositioned him. Very few young men would have the character Joseph did, for he refused her. He had earned his master’s trust and would not engage in wickedness and sin against God.

Joseph remained faithful to God even at great risk to himself. Nonetheless, Potiphar’s wife continued to proposition him. The more she came against him the stronger his resolve.

She then schemed against Joseph and got rid of all the other male servants for the day. When Joseph still refused her advances, she accused him of attempting to rape her, for there were no other witnesses present.

Don’t put yourself in a position you might regret later on. Put some accountability measures in place.

When she made the false accusation against Joseph to Potiphar, he had Joseph imprisoned. The only “evidence” was that Joseph had left his coat behind while escaping.

So now Joseph found himself in prison for a false accusation, yet are told that even then God was with Joseph. You see, Joseph gained the favor of the prison-keeper. What we see throughout these passages is that authority figures were always drawn to Joseph.

The way you conduct yourself when under authority is very telling. But the real test occurs when you are the one in authority.

Everything that Joseph did prospered, even while he was in prison.

As events unfolded, Joseph found himself with a God-given opportunity. The entire time, Joseph was learning how to properly use authority because he had heretofore been so abused by authority.

The king’s butler and baker, who had been bound into prison, both had dreams that Joseph was able to interpret. When doing this, Joseph was sure to credit to God for the interpretations.

God’s story and narrative always make sense.

All Joseph asked of the butler was that he remember him in Pharaoh’s presence. He briefly told his story to the butler, how he had come to be there.

The baker did not have a favorable dream as the butler had. He was going to be hung.

When God tells you something, you don’t hold back. Even when God gives you something that’s hard to say, you still say it…primarily for your benefit.

Unfortunately, after the butler had been restored, he promptly forgot Joseph. (It wasn’t that he was a deliberate liar, but some people just haven’t ever been taught to keep their word.)

It would be another two full years. Joseph would have to learn an incredibly difficult lesson; he would have to learn to forgive when he had been forgotten.

Bitterness is a poison that destroys its own container.


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