Salem Witch Trials, 2017 – ?

We have entered a new phase of American politics with the character and political assassination of Roy Moore in Alabama. The Alabama special election has provided the prototype for what I fully expect will be more attempts by Democrats (with the complicity of establishment Republicans) to discourage and/or destroy the candidacies of perfectly viable Republican male politicians who are outsiders and deemed unacceptable to the ruling class. They will not stand for another Donald Trump to come along and win an election.

All it takes, apparently, is for a small cadre of Democrat women to come forward to make accusations of sexual impropriety against the candidates that are both unproven and unprovable. American society has unfortunately been conditioned into the mindset that female accusers are to be believed, absolutely and no matter what. According to polling data, a majority of Alabama voters actually believed the accusers more than the accused, in spite of a dearth of actual evidence and the fact that a yearbook supposedly signed by Moore decades ago that was presented as evidence was ultimately proven a forgery.

Despite the fact that the large majority of sexual misconduct has been perpetrated by liberal men — Harvey Weinstein’s outing began a remarkable domino effect that has not stopped — the entire scheme is an obvious attempt to take down President Trump. But Democrats and the #fakenews media will play this game for as long as they can get the kind of results they got in Alabama. They cannot win elections of this nature on the issues or on their own merits, so this is what they are resorting to. This is who Democrats are, and this is what they do.


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