The glorious unfolding (Ephesians 1:6-7)

God has sketched our lives all out. This is God’s will. There are certain things He put us on this earth to do. We serve a God who knows what’s going to happen next. He does all of this according to His good pleasure.

Using Joseph as an example, every time God did something remarkable in his life, Joseph never took credit. That’s how God was able to balance everything in his life.

1. It is the grace of God that produces all of the righteous fruit in our lives. We are saved by grace and kept by grace. Everything good in our lives is done by the grace of God. It’s not about what we do but by the result of the grace of an almighty God.

Every good tree brings forth good fruit. It’s not what comes off the branches but what the tree is rooted in. Apple trees don’t complain about producing apples because that’s what’s natural to them. So why are believers so reluctant to produce fruit, since it’s what we’re designed to do?

Everything we have is to God’s glory.

2. Regardless of who rejects us, we are lavishly accepted by Jesus Christ. We ought to accept where they are just at that moment. Some of us were rescued from deep levels of sin, yet forget what we were rescued from. Real life is disappointment. People are going to let us down, and vice versa.

We would do well to unclutter our lives of poisonous people. Cut them out and let Jesus in. Jesus is not going to abandon us.

God has let us into His family, and Satan cannot cut us out of the family of God.

It’s not uncommon to see others walk away, but Jesus never lets us down. When everyone walks out, Jesus still lavishly accepts us. You are still loved by Him.

If people do not see your value and they have the ability to walk, then let them walk. You will still have Christ. In Him, we have redemption in His blood.

The Old Testament is filled with blood and slaughter, because the only thing the altar knew was sacrifice. Only when Jesus sacrificed Himself was it finished.

3. The blood of Jesus has made us free, forgiven and favored. Redemption means freedom, purchased out of the slave market. We were slaves to sin. He has given us a freedom that nothing else in the world can give.

We are no longer slaves to shame and fear and sin. He has forgiven us all of our sins. This has nothing to do with being a “good” person or going to church or tithing. The favor of God is upon us because of the blood of Christ applied to our account.

If we could do these things for ourselves we wouldn’t need God. But we are doomed and dammed and require the grace of God. We are highly favored by God.


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