Let’s make a deal

While we’re feverishly making America great again, I’ve got a proposal for a deal I’m willing to make regarding my retirement.

1. First, let me take everything I’ve ever paid in OASDI & deposit that money into my 401(k). I’ve been paying in for 30 years now, but I won’t even charge interest or inflation. Just add it all up as is and transfer it over.

2. Going forward, let me invest the 6.2% I would have paid in OASDI taxes into my 401(k). My employer can pocket the matching 6.2% and save a little money, too.

3. Best of all, future taxpayers owe me nothing. They’re already on the hook for about $20,000,000,000,000 as it is. I just want to make life easier and more economical for everyone.


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