Donald Trump is turning America around

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh went through a long list of accomplishments already achieved by President Trump. This has to be done regularly, because all the MSM is doing is reporting #fakenews and ignoring the real stuff. So here’s an excerpt from Rush:

Trump is, I firmly believe, on the verge here of setting up a fairly and friendly set of market forces that are going to spur innovation, entrepreneurism, and competition throughout the world with his trade deals! Despite what you and everybody else in the world is hearing from propaganda media, we are trending in all of the right directions, not just economically. In terms of the judiciary, Trump is doing the right things in the appointing of judges. Remember, the judiciary is the left’s insurance policy for losing elections. … We have a stronger and more focused military, stronger, more efficient, better trained, more focused, better funded military. We are gaining on terrorism. ISIS has been defeated. Putin is pulling troops out of Syria. ISIS has been defeated! You’re not hearing a word about it because it makes Obama look very bad and Trump very good. We are producing massive and abundant energy. We’re producing enough for the world, folks! Fracking has meant such a huge difference. We’ve got natural gas more than we know what to do with. The same thing for fossil fuels and oil. We have no threats facing us on the energy front. In fact, prices are lower — consumer prices are lower — than they’ve been in a long time, supplies are plentiful, and we keep finding more. We have become a seller nation when it comes to energy rather than dependents dependent on foreign sources, an importer.


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