Sometimes dreams can be the pits (Genesis 41)

Joseph’s dreams were only going to come to fruition through pain and hardship.

Pharaoh dreamed a dream, and that event formed the crux of Joseph’s ascendancy in Egypt.

God used a lot of imagery in these dreams that Joseph was to interpret.

If you get in the word of God and the word of God gets in you, you will know more than people who are much older than you.

After Pharaoh dreamed his dream, the butler remembered that Joseph could interpret.

God will always balance your ability to give Him glory with His ability to give you opportunity.

Pharaoh thought he had had two dreams, but it was really just two analogies of the same dream.

God revealed Himself to Pharaoh what He intended to do.

There would be 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine, and the famine would be so severe they wouldn’t even remember the 7 years of plenty.

Some things will come to pass because they were established by God before the foundation.

What Joseph described to Pharaoh regarding the storing of food during times of abundance is known today as “the storehouse principle.”

Joseph refers to the “Spirit of God,” which itself could only have been revealed by the Spirit of God.

Pharaoh removed his ring and placed it on the hand of Joseph, a Hebrew slave.

Pharaoh gave Joseph a name that meant “revealer of secrets.”

Joseph was 30 years old. He had been in Egypt 13 years.

God gave Joseph two sons during the years of plenty.

He named the first one Manasseh, because he caused Joseph to forget his hardship.

He named he second Ephraim, which meant fruitfulness.

During the famine, there was still bread because of one man.

God caused all countries to come to Egypt so He could unite one family.


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