The “What about Bob?” analogy

What about Bob? is a fabulous movie from 1991 starring Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray. Dreyfuss plays a psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Marvin, and Bill Murray is his neurotic patient, Bob Wiley. Bob more or less hero-worships Dr. Marvin and even starts showing up at his vacation home. Marvin’s family grows attached to Bob while the doctor himself regards his patient with increasing disdain. As the plot progresses, Dr. Marvin starts to crack up while Bob establishes himself as the more mentally stable of the two. Near the end of the movie, Dr. Marvin has Bob admitted to a psychiatric hospital. But he is then asked to come back and retrieve Bob because the doctors can find nothing wrong with him. In this scene, Bob is seen telling jokes to the staff and more or less commanding their attention. He is calm and relaxed. Dr. Marvin is the crazed one, and one of the doctors even suggests that Dr. Marvin might want to check himself in instead.

I’m posting this because it is the perfect analogy between President Trump and the #fakenews media. (Dreyfuss does look a bit like Wolf Blitzer.) The #fakenews media often suggest that President Trump is mentally unstable and on the verge of a mental breakdown, when it is actually the #fakenews media and Democrats that are cracking up right in plain view. Bob is President Trump, calm, relaxed, in command. The media are Dr. Marvin, projecting their own collective mental breakdown onto President Trump.


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