Christmas no. 49

At some point, the Christmas memories sort of run together into an alamgam of songs and presents and decorations and church services and family gatherings. All these things are good, and I’m beyond the point of always trying to outdo the last one. This is my 49th Christmas, spread across six decades, although I don’t quite remember that one in 1969.

Last night we had a candlelight service at church. For once, I didn’t write down anything. I just listened. In a nutshell, my pastor’s theme was what can you give Jesus? Because, you know, Jesus might actually want something from us. We’re always asking for things but maybe it’s our turn to give for once.

The wise men, as we call them, brought a treasure of gold, frankincense and myrrh. What about us? What can we give? Well, we can take our brokenness and give it back to Him as righteousness. Otherwise, brokenness can fester into bitterness, then you have wasted the work God was going to do your life. You can offer Christ your worship. You can offer Him victory over your suffering.

A sinful woman anointed Jesus with expensive oil from an alabaster jar. He found her gift to be worthy. She was annointing Him for His burial.

We can do something for the least of these, and not just at Christmas.

Aside from these things, enjoy your family this year. You never know if this is going to be someone’s last Christmas. Two months ago a very dear aunt of mine passed away just short of her 70th birthday. Last month, a good friend of mine since high school suffered a major stroke and survived by the grace of God. These are the things that give a person pause.

Enjoy and appreciate the people around you right now. Don’t ever lament that things aren’t as they should be. Appreciate the way things are right now because things may never be this way again. Take an inventory of your life and realize how blessed you are. None of us are deserving.

Behold the Lamb of God who came to us as a man so He could relate to man.


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