These are the days

Last evening, my 20-year-old texted me with the pithy, but knowing phrase, “Trump’s tweet.” So I checked Trump’s latest tweet, and it was this gem:

This is exactly why I voted for The Donald. The pot-bellied dictator is a chump, and so Trump gives him treatment deserving a chump. It’s classic Trump braggadocio, and I just love this stuff.

A little while later, I received another text to check Trump’s newest offering, and I almost laughed out loud:

I told my son that President Trump is having the time of his life right now. He is who he is. The Democrats and #fakenews media are who they are. Trump’s base is still completely intact, and is probably somewhat larger than on Election Day due to all the winning. And so Trump is being himself, unfazed by it all, watching the media crack up and fall over themselves. What a great time to be alive.


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