Unraveling Obama

We still aren’t a year into the Trump presidency yet, and already it seems like Barack Hussein Obama was never president. It’s as though there’s an 8-year void reaching from 2009 until a year ago. We’re winning every day. We’re winning at home and we’re winning abroad. We’re winning on the economy and we’re winning with the military. We’re winning on judges and we’re winning on taxes.

I cringe whenever I hear someone complain about Obama’s incompetence and ineptitude as a president. He was neither. Obama was and is an intelligent person. He’s also an incredibly gifted liar. He is first and foremost a statist and a committed leftist. Everything he did to wreck the U.S. economy and weaken our standing internationally was by design. He knew exactly what he was doing.

As a diehard statist and gifted liar, his goal was always (and still is) to knock America down to size. For example, the objective of ObamaCare was never to lower your health insurance premium by $2,500, nor were you going to get to keep your plan if you liked it. The objective was always to price ordinary Americans out of the market, bring about the collapse of the private sector insurance business, then move everyone to single-payer, government-run health care. That has always been the goal of the left. Obama could never say so publicly. In fact, the plan was always to blame capitalism, the insurance industry, and Republicans when these inevitabilities occurred. Projection, after all, is integral to liberalism.

So as we watch with great admiration as President Trump unravels the messes left by his predecessor, know that the messes were part of the design. Don’t ever confuse incompetence with statism. Incompetent people don’t know what they are doing. Barack Hussein Obama knew exactly what he was doing, just as Hillary Clinton knows exactly what she is doing. Her presidency would have finished us off as a superpower. This is why leftists in the Democrat Party and #fakenews media are cracking up. We are literally watching them go nuts. They were so close. And the Trump presidency is proving to be their unmasking, and their undoing.


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