Stable genius

The whole Russia collusion non-story the Democrats & #fakenews media concocted to try to get President Trump impeached not only did not succeed, but is now backfiring by pulling the curtain on the Democrats and deep state bureaucrats who really did collude with the Russians. In other words, the false Russian collusion meme was nothing more than Trump’s (and America’s) political enemies attempting to project their own crimes onto Trump.

Now that the Russia collusion lie has been thoroughly and laughably debunked, the Democrats and #fakenews media are trying to paint President Trump as mentally unstable and child-like. And now we’ve got the book to prove it! Except Donald Trump is quite possible the most sane, rational and accomplished politician in all of Washington. This is the outsider who took down the Bush and Clinton machines, the #fakenews media, election cheaters, and the deep state and won the presidency against incredible odds. The man isn’t only mentally stable. He’s also a genius.

So what we’re left with, again, is leftist projection. You see, it is the Democrat Party and #fakenews media that are cracking up mentally, completely unfit to survive in the rational world in which President Trump and we deplorables operate, and are also child-like in their unwillingness to properly cope with their candidate losing the 2016 presidential election. Once again, everything the left is accusing Trump of is mere projection.


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