Quote du jour

It’s great to have the Maha Rushie back behind the golden EIB microphone after nearly two weeks off during Christmas and New Year’s. Yesterday’s show was a gem — of course, they all are — and here’s Rush’s take on Donaldus Magnus’ most recent swipe at the #fakenews media:

The next three months are laden with awards ceremonies. What’s Donald Trump done? He’s crashing it. Donald Trump is crashing awards season. His timing is perfect. His idea, if you ask me, is genius. Donald Trump has a world stage to bring attention to whatever he wants to bring attention to. And he’s decided, in the midst of awards season, to have the Fake News Awards. They were originally supposed to be given out this afternoon at 5 o’clock, but Trump says the winners will be announced on Wednesday, rather than today, because the interest and the importance of these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated. So Trump has the world to bring attention to what he’s going to bring attention to, and that is faux journalism. That is lying out of context, whatever you want to call it, fake news. Fighting the media endeared this president to millions of Americans who are appalled by journalism’s descent into blatant propaganda. Millions of Americans have tuned out and turned off because they no longer trust it and, worse, they get angered by it. It is obviously unfair. It’s obviously rigged. It’s not even news anymore. The media doesn’t do news. The media has one objective, and it is to advance the fortunes of the Democrat Party and the American left however they can do it.



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