Sometimes dreams can be the pits (Genesis 46:1-7, 27-47:23)

You have to be careful about sharing what God puts on your heart. If you share with people who don’t understand they can become jealous and seek your ruin.

There are times when God uses answers and non-answers in your prayer life.

We are told that Israel’s spirit revived when he was told Joseph was alive and they would see each other again.

Israel and his family offered sacrifices at Beer-sheba during their journey. He had not forgotten where had come from.

God spoke to Jacob in the “visions of the night.” Indeed, never discount a sleepless night. Sometimes God speaks to us during these times when we are alone and it is quiet.

Israel and his family didn’t just go to Egypt for food. God planned to use Egypt to bring up Israel as a great nation.

Whenever God needs something done, He finds a willing man or woman.

When Jacob travelled to Egypt, there were 70 persons in his party. This, at that time, represented the entire nation of Israel.

In this chapter, we learn about the land of Goshen. This would be where the Israelites would eventually settle.

The reunion of Jacob and Joseph was incredibly emotional.

Joseph was shrewd enough to instruct his family to tell Pharaoh they dealt with cattle and not shepherds, since the Egyptians considered shepherds an abomination. But they told Pharaoh they were shepherds, regardless.

Despite this, Pharaoh gave them the best land and put Joseph’s family in charge of his cattle.

When Jacob was brought before Pharaoh, he blessed Pharaoh.

Jacob was 130 years old at the time, yet he still called his years on earth few and evil (chaotic).

People will disappoint you. And if you quit going to church because someone disappoints you, then you’ve been going to church for the wrong reason.

The land they were given was the land of Rameses.

The Egyptians had spent all their money on food, yet the famine persisted. So Joseph began to trade food for their animals. And when they had no more animals, he traded them food for their land. He acquired all these things for Pharaoh.

(Most people don’t live for God because they’re not hungry enough.)

Only the lands of the priests were not bought up.

If you want God to take you seriously, then listen to God. Joseph was taken seriously because he listened to God.

When we do something from God we think is random, we find out later on that it wasn’t random at all.


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