Trump blows up DACA deal with alleged s***hole remark

I’m just now getting into yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh podcast, and right off the bat the Maha Rushie’s take is spot on regarding President Trump’s blowing up whatever DACA deal might have been in the works. Just as everyone was afraid Trump was going to cave to Democrats, The Donald proves once again that he’s ten chess moves ahead of his opponents.

I want to look at the practical result of this. … And, lo and behold, they show up at the White House yesterday with their proposal for a new DACA deal and it is the worst thing in the world. It is absolutely abhorrent. It is nothing that you or anybody with common sense would support. And what did Donald Trump do? He blew the whole thing up with one question, with one question he blew it up. And you know what the question was? Forget the words used. The question was: Why do you people on the Democrat side want to continue to bring people to this country that are not going to benefit this country? Why instead do you not want to bring the best and brightest of the world to this country? Why is it that you think that we need to bring people to this country who are incapable of helping themselves? … And of course we know the answer…and that is that the Democrats’ version of immigration is all about securing additional votes.



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