It snowed

It snowed about two inches today in Mt. Juliet, but it seems like a lot more. We don’t handle our snow very well in these parts because we don’t get much of it. Nonetheless, today was the second winter storm we’ve enjoyed in less than a week. Tonight’s temperature will dip close to zero, and then it will start to warm up. Middle Tennesseans get very emotional over snow, almost on the level of religion and politics. I can’t explain it. If you forecast it and we don’t get it, people get mad. If you don’t forecast it and we get so much as a flurry, people make a big deal over it. Likewise, if the snow begins earlier or later than forecast, there is great consternation. Forecasting wintry precipitation in general is the most difficult thing we do here because so many things have to happen for the atmosphere to produce snow. So be it. I prefer to just enjoy whatever snow we do get without all the drama.


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