The glorious unfolding (Ephesians 1:14-15)

Everything from the cradle to the grave is showing God to be sovereign over all. There is no salvation in any other but Jesus Christ. His death was correctly prophesied and some 500 witnesses saw Him in resurrected form.

The greatest gift of our salvation is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We are going to get the keys to the kingdom. We are joint heirs with Christ. The Holy Spirit is the down payment of what we get later on.

Jesus is enough. He gets all the praise & glory. We are His purchased possessions. If you take the blood out of the gospel, you are left with a fairy tale that will send everyone to Hell.

1. God the Father planned our salvation. The gospel was never an afterthought. We call this the sovereignty of God.

God the Son provided our salvation. If someone planned it out, someone had to carry out the provision. Jesus didn’t just die for our sin, He became sin. He is the propitiation for our sin.

God the Spirit protects our salvation. If you really are saved, you won’t want to do what you used to do. We are protected in our salvation, and not even the devil can take us.

2. Your faith is a massive encouragement to those around you. It is encouraging to see God working in the life of someone who is going through a trial. People don’t know what you’re going through but they see how you handle what you’re going through.

What encourages us about the great figures of the Bible is their faith. They are ordinary people who had faith. They had their shortcomings, too. They had problems just like us and wayward children just like us.

Worship is nothing more than our obedience. Sometimes God does things so we can find out the answers ourselves; He already knows the answers.

3. How we love sinners and how we love saints is a very different calling from God. We often think that when the Bible says to love one another it means to love everyone equally. But we cannot love a lost world the way we love fellow believers.

We have a responsibility to love lost people in our attempt to “pluck them from the fire.” But we cannot fellowship with lost people the way we fellowship with God’s people. And we can never love the lost until we first learn to love one another in church as brothers and sisters in Christ. Our love for the saints will be an encouragement to others.

One of the most wonderful things is to meet a fellow believer we have never met before and have your Spirit mesh with his Spirit.

We must love people where they’re at, not where we want them to be. We have been called to a greater example of faith. We must love and protect especially those we worship with. Protect your pastor. Never minimize the fact that what you have, God is using for those around you.


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