The motivation behind the Schumer shutdown

The Maha Rushie went into a detailed explanation on Friday’s show regarding the true motive behind the Democrats’ shutdown of the federal government, and the state of the Democrat Party’s voter base in general:

But they can vote because they can figure out how to get on a bus and be driven to where you pull a lever and then go back to the tenement where they live where they’ll probably be forgotten about ’til the next two years ’til the Democrats need ’em again! All the while, we’re told it’s the Republicans that are making ’em poor! We’re told it’s the Republicans that don’t care about ’em! In fact, it’s the Democrats who bring ’em in poor, want them poor, and keep them poor by making sure they never learn how to be self-sufficient! And that leads to an ever-enlarging government that needs to take care of all these people and an ever increasing part of the population thinks that government’s purpose is to take care of them. And right there are people like Chuck You Schumer saying, “Yep, you got it. That’s what we’re here for. Keep voting where you see that big D! In fact, you don’t even have to see the big D. We’ll tell you how to vote. We’ll show you the ballot, we’ll tell you what to do, and then we’ll get you the hell out of there and back to your hut or your tenement where you live and we’ll see you the next couple of years and do that again.” And that’s what this is. This is making sure that there’s enough poverty-stricken people who can’t get by without the government taking care of them, led by the Democrat Party. That’s what this is. An opportunity for the Democrats to blame the squalid conditions that many Democrat voters live in on the Republican Party!



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