Five for Tuesday

Whatever happened to embryonic stem-cell research? This used to be all the rage on the left. It was going to cure Parkinson’s and cause the lame to walk. But nothing ever came of it.

I don’t buy into the notion of “tanking.” This is an argument being made by a faction of Memphis Grizzlies’ fans, that the team should literally play to lose so as to achieve as high a draft pick as possible. They aren’t going to the playoffs this year, and seem to have nothing to gain by trying to win. This goes against everything I believe in. That the Grizzlies aren’t very good this year is no surprise. They are a team in decline, and have been for a couple of years. But you owe it to yourselves and your fans to do your best to win every time you play. Historically, the Grizzlies have not drafted well, so what’s a high draft pick going to guarantee? If your argument for losing now is so you can win later, why not just try to win now?

According to the Democrat Party, illegal immigrants are dreamers and American citizens are deplorables.

Yesterday was the first time I can ever remember the Republicans winning a budget showdown against the Democrats.

I am ending my NFL boycott long enough to point out that the place kickers for both teams in the Super Bowl played for Memphis. And now I will resume my boycott of the NFL.


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