The glorious unfolding (Ephesians 1:16-17)

The first 14 versus of this chapter are highly theological. Starting with verse 15, Paul gets more practical. How can we apply these things to our lives?

It is encouraging to watch others’ faith grow. Somewhere, someone is observing our faith in difficult circumstances.

1. Be thankful for the spiritual influences in your life. Paul was the spiritual influence over the Ephesian believers. Different people will walk with us at various stages during our spiritual journey.

When others influence us deeply, it leaves an imprint that is not easy to forget. We are all here because someone at some point influenced us. Those who stand for righteousness and do things the right way have an influence they don’t even understand.

Be deeply grateful for the influences God has placed in our lives. We are all the product of someone’s prayers. In his letter, Paul was sure to remind the Ephesians they were in his prayers. He was interceding for them.

Don’t get so wrapped up in yourself that you neglect to pray for others, too. This requires discipline. Pray for others, that God would supply them spiritually.

2. We must develop the discipline of truly praying for others. Pray without ceasing, even if you just remember others as you recall their names. If it weren’t for the prayers of the saints, the devil would have slain us already.

Sometimes you might pray for a person for years before they ever come to know the Lord.

Do you have a prayer list? If all you do is complain about the darkness, then turn on the light of prayer. Be part of the solution.

Don’t just say you’ll pray for someone. Mean it. We aren’t praying for God’s benefit, but for ours and others.

We are part of the family of God. Thus, when Paul writes to the Ephesians (and to us), he’s writing to us as a group of believers.

3. The more knowledge we have of Jesus, the more understanding we will have of our surroundings. Facebook and Twitter don’t tell us we’re living in the last days. They prove it. We already know we are living in the last days because of Revelation from God. We don’t need our circumstances to tell us we need help, we already know this from the Bible.

Ask God for a spirit of wisdom and revelation. The Holy Spirit illuminates the Scriptures for us.

We may have thought that the hardships we dealt with a year ago, or 5 or 10 years ago were going to destroy us. But here we are today.

If we are ignorant, it’s because we aren’t reading the word of God. Saved people and lost people think differently.

When the whole world falls apart, we at least know we are redeemed in Christ. If you struggle with wisdom and decision-making ability and revelation, the problem isn’t with God or a lack of resources, but a lack of understanding in Jesus.

The more you get to know Jesus, the more His work around us and in us will be evident.


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