Donald does Davos!

President Trump was recently in Davos, Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum. He’s the first president since Clinton 18 years ago. Bush 43 never went. Obama never went. Trump went. And Rush Limbaugh boils it down to its essense:

So the media sets it up in their own mind that Trump is gonna bomb in Davos. … The exact opposite happened. Trump arrived in Davos and is a rock star. Even Algore is defending some of Trump’s policies! Trump’s tax cut and the resulting boom that is on the cusp here in the United States has been applauded in Davos. The CEOs that are in Davos are enamored of Trump, and they’re universal in support. Well, I’m sure there’s some stragglers, but there’s overwhelming support for Trump. And he has become a rock star. Everybody wants to be where Trump is. Everybody wants to be around Trump. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 200 points on the news of Trump’s reception in Davos.



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