Five for Tuesday

I keep thinking today is Monday, but it’s Tuesday. I’m coming out of an upper respiratory infection, I’m heavily medicated, and the past 3 days are like a fog.

Tonight is President Trump’s first State-of-the-Union Address. I’m sure it’s going to be great, the best ever, and we’re all going to love it. Unless you prefer losing, then you’re not going to like it very much. I can’t remember the last SOTU I watched. I think I only saw one of Obama’s, but I can’t remember which one.

The best summary I’ve ever seen of the fake Russian dossier scandal came in a tweet earlier today: “Clinton hired Fusion who hired Steele, who gets played by Putin disinfo. FBI used this disinfo in part to gain FISA. Rogue Obama officials use phony FISA to unmask Trump officials. Schiff and Dems leak to media operatives, who build a narrative. And Trump colluded?” If heads don’t roll after this, then we can no longer call ourselves a nation of laws.

The day after tomorrow is February 1. It’s the last month of the meteorological winter. Thank God. Spring cannot get here soon enough.

Apparently, the Grammy Awards were what all awards shows have turned into: a Trump bash. It was the least-watched Grammy Awards ever. If we actually cared what entertainers think about anything, Hillary would have won.


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